Saturday, August 8, 2015


So I'm back in Texas for a few weeks visit. I left Serbia with 39C temperatures and arrived in Texas with the same heat. Summers here are very much like summers in Vojvodina.
I miss my little Serbian village home though. Funny also that I actually had to remind myself that no one here knows what "dobar dan" means. It had become a habit to greet people with it whereas here, people really don't greet each other. And no one says "Ciao" here which I actually said to someone here by accident and they looked at me funny.
There are too many cars here, too many people, just too much of too much. It takes me a great while to adjust when I come back to Texas. The soft mattress I longed for here was really not as comfortable I had imagined it to be. I tossed and turned all night, wishing I was back on my nice fold-down sofa bed in Serbia. At night here in Texas, I hear only the hum of the central air conditioning unit outside my window. At my home in Serbia, the occasional sound of a barking dog, a cat fight, or thumping dance music from the town centar lulled me to sleep and I miss that. Mornings there greeted me with insanely chirping birds, the neighbors grunting hogs and the church bells and I miss that also. Mornings here greet me with the hum of the air conditioning unit. Or a ringing phone.
Here in Texas though, I am enjoying the sight of black colored squirrels scampering around my yard gathering nuts for winter. I guess they are. Maybe they are just scampering. One even sat confidently on my front porch, refusing to move when I approached. My first thought was maybe it was rabid. Then when he finally ran away, I figured he had made claim to that porch being that I had been gone so long. I have yet to see a squirrel in Serbia and not sure they exist there. I haven't researched that yet. A bird had made a nest on the porch light and bird droppings had collected below it. What a mess. The nest looks abandoned now.Hornets had made a nice sized nest on that front porch as well. My landscaping guy showed up and used carburetor spray to rid them which all it did was rid them for a few moments. It ruined their nest though and they were highly pissed about that.
While I am here I will try to post some interesting things about my home here in Texas. After all, I did grow up here. I realize I probably take some things for granted here and since I started traveling far and away from here, I come back seeing things in a new way.