Sunday, May 3, 2015

Where Is The Bed?

When I first visited Serbia, I stayed at at a little bungalow on stilts facing the Tisa River. There was no bed, just a couch that converted into a bed of sorts. It was still like sleeping on the couch, only a tad bigger.
I wasn't concerned with this since it was a small place meant for vacationers and it was a short ten day stay. I could handle sleeping on the couch.
Later when I returned to Serbia for a much longer stay and in the home of a friend, I was introduced to the room...and my bed, which turned out to be a couch. I realized everyone in the house also slept on convertible couch-beds.
I didn't know what to think of the bed situation. I was silently distressed. I didn't want to come off as being spoiled and all.I am way to accustomed to sleeping on my bed back in the states, a comfy Vera-Wang-Serta-pillow-top-queen-size mattress bed.
 One day I browsed through a home furnishings store and found beds but with mattresses that were nowhere anything like my pillow-top Serta. Seeming to be constructed of foam with no box-springs, they were quite expensive. I am sure pillow-top mattresses with box-springs are here somewhere but if the foam mattresses were expensive, the "real" mattresses must be for the extremely wealthy and have to be special ordered or something.I realized that many, many people here sleep on hard,unforgiving couch-beds that fold down and slide out into beds at night. They are like futons in a way.
This was a major culture shock for me and although I am not snobbish about there being no beds, my body screams in pain for the first week or so after going from pillow-top to couch.
A typical couch-bed. The seat slides forward and the back folds down to make an approximate full-size bed. I bought this one. Photo credit:ranamaley,personal photo


  1. I am going to figure out how you can take that couch and make a bed that is fluffy, like add one of those huge thick foam toppers. Then encase it all with a fitted sheet, put it against the wall, and NAIL it there if you have to. that way your pillows won't fall off. you gotta' get out of that bed.

    1. That sounds like a good idea, but it's not that bad really, I sleep rather comfortably now.


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