Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Slava: St George

Today we are celebrating the family's patron saint, St George. The celebration is held every year on this day and it is called the Slava.

St George
The family saint is inherited from the father's side, so the saint is passed on to the son and so on.Daughters of the family take on the saint of the husband when she marries. The celebration is traditionally held in the patriarchal home. This was all a little confusing to me for a while but I'm finally understanding it all.

St George is portrayed in artwork as the "dragon-slaying" saint. I believe that the dragon represents sin and St George is there to "slay"it  and thus he is considered as a protector against evil.

All day yesterday and today was spent preparing all kinds of meats, salads,soup,breads and cakes. Several runs to the market take place, the last one today being to get drinks and lots of them: juices, colas,Turkish coffee, liquor and mineral water. Some people hold the feast at noon and some choose an evening feast and celebration. We are having evening and this is good because of being a bit behind rounding up tables and chairs from friends and neighbors all day to seat the number of expected guests.

Family and friends are invited to attend the Slava. Everyone looks forward to this and rarely turn down an invitation. In fact, it is an honor to be invited to a family's Slava. It is truly a feast to behold and no one likes missing out on good, authentic Serbian foods and of course, the customary rakija and cherry liquor.
These Serbian meals are prepared from generations of passed down recipes and you can tell it, because you will never find food this good in a restaurant and it is difficult or near impossible to replicate if you've never prepared the dishes before.

Happy Slava!

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