Monday, May 11, 2015

Market Day

Local vendors set up booths to sell their goods(photo: Rana Jones)

Yesterday, I woke up really early to get to the local farmer's market. Here, it is called "pijaca", which is Serbian for market. I'm not sure what time it actually opens in the morning but I do know that you really need to get there by 9:00 am in order to get the best stuff. By noon, the vendors are pretty much gone for the day.

Market day is every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. I love this place. They sell fresh vegetables, straight from the local's gardens and crops. They sell meats and eggs, honey, baked goods, flowers, plants and fruits. There are also booths set up selling clothing, shoes,tools and household goods. 

Nearly everyone makes their way to the market at least once a week, if not all three market days, and the place is very crowded. Bicycles line the front of the market and cars fill every parking space. Throughout the town, you see people toting at least one bag of purchases from the market.

Incredibly fresh vegetables (photo: Rana Jones)

My favorite is the vegetables and this is mainly what I come to the market for. This time of year, the selection is still quite small. I can find carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, spring and field onions, potatoes, radishes,turnips, spinach, cabbage and a few tomatoes. (I probably left something out.)

Later as the season progresses, there will be eggplant(can't wait for that,love it), corn, peas and beans.There will also be watermelons and more fruits like apples, cherries, plums and peaches. 
Cherries are very popular because they are a favored fruit for cakes and desserts. They are sold in large barrels or crates and sometimes you will see a kid taking a few to munch on. The vendors are very friendly though about letting you sample something in hopes you may purchase a kilo or so.

Cauliflower,zucchini,peppers and eggs (photo: Rana Jones)
The prices are unreal. I can walk out of there with several pounds of vegetables for not much more than $5. It is so affordable to eat healthy. None of these vegetables have chemicals nor GMO stuff. In fact, GMO(genetically modified organism) is not allowed to be used in crop production here in Serbia on any produce at all. They are constantly fighting to keep it out. Serbia is very protective of the type of food that can be produced here. 

(photo: Rana Jones)

 Flowers are a big part of everyone's outside spaces.Everywhere you look, courtyards, terraces and window boxes are filled with the most beautiful and colorful flowers. The Serbian people are natural green-thumbs and love their flowers and landscaping. I admire this so much because I can't seem to keep any plant thriving nor alive! 

Flowers are popular here (photo: Rana Jones)

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  1. I would like to go here. Do they sell local crafts or sewing or woodwork?


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