Friday, May 8, 2015

Coffee Time

"Official" Coffee Times

Coffee is a big deal here in Serbia. Any time of day is good for coffee, but there seems to be three certain times of the day that I refer to as "coffee time".

Obviously there is the morning coffee. This is served within 15 minutes if waking.  Then, regardless if you woke up an hour earlier, the next coffee is served at 11-ish am, because lunch is usually served around 1:00 pm.

Then it's rest time. After rest, around 4:00 pm, is the final official coffee time of the day.

Unofficial Coffee Times

This doesn't mean there can't be coffee after that time or in between any of the times. There are other coffee times as well:

Visitor coffee:  If you visit someone, you're probably going to have coffee. If someone visits you, you're probably going to have coffee.
Back home coffee:  If you have been away from the house running errands, you may heat up the water for coffee upon returning home.
No particular reason coffee: This is self-explanatory. Maybe a good conversation is going, and it just seems right for a cup of coffee.

Types of Coffee

Now, there are three types of coffee you will see most often here: Turkish, 3-in-1, and Nescafe (Nes).

Turkish coffee is the traditional coffee served here and you will see most older people drinking this. It has a very distinct smell and taste. A special powder-form ground coffee is used and ends up as a thick sludge at the bottom of the cup.(You don't drink the sludge and it takes a little practice on knowing when the "last drop" of consumable coffee remains before ending up with sludge in your mouth.
Turkish Coffee
By marviikad from Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia (Morning Turkish coffee) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
3-in-1 coffee is an instant coffee and it means there is coffee, cream and sugar all mixed together in the packet. Packets are sold as individual servings.
Nes coffee is a stout,instant coffee and it grows on you if you never cared for instant before. There are many brands of instant coffee, including the Nescafe brand, but everyone calls it Nes despite whatever brand it actually is.
One of many brands of 3-in-1 Coffee
By Midnight Runner (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Serbian Coffees Are Hard To Find

In rural East Texas, the special powdery ground coffee for Turkish coffee is unheard of, it can not be found on any store shelf that I know of. I got a lot of confused looks from store clerks when I asked them about availability.Neither can I find the 3-in-1 instant coffee packets at my local stores in East Texas. So I have learned to bring some back every time I go home. I realize stores in bigger cities may carry these coffees, but we don't all live in a big city so it is frustrating.

 I did find that it can all be ordered online at Amazon. I haven't checked other online sources but there may be other sources. Grand Kafa Gold is a very popular Turkish coffee here and I personally love this brand. I am including a link below where you can order it if you can not find it at a local store. Also, I included a link below to purchase the 3-in-1 coffee packets if you can not find those at the store.
Grand Kafa Gold, 500g

NEW! NescafĂ© IMPROVED 3 in 1 ORIGINAL (was REGULAR) Premix Instant Coffee - Taste Creamier & More Aromatic - Don't Need Creamer & Sugar Anymore - Coffee On The Go, Make Your Life Easier - 19g/Stick - 30 Sticks TOTAL 

Well, you get the picture. Coffee is a social thing here. It's something to look forward to as it feels good to enjoy it while visiting friends or enjoying the beauty of the garden while sitting on the terrace. In fact, I think I will do that now. Ciao!

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  1. wow, I found this interesting. coffee makes you feel better physically and emotionally. I HAVE to have it.


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