Wednesday, April 29, 2015

That Goat's Looking At Me Funny: A Serbian Village Goat

Since I don't have a vehicle to drive while here in Serbia, I walk or ride my bike when I need to go anywhere around town. The town (or village as they call them here)is small enough to do that.

This morning I walked because the bike has a flat tire. I don't mind walking. The nearest grocery store is only a five minute stroll. I enjoy the different smells along the way, especially in the spring because of all the blooms. In the winter, there is the smell of coal and firewood that is used to heat most homes. There are always the smells of  farm animals mixed in.

 Most people by now have managed to mow the first mow of the season, a few still have thigh-high grass growing in the ditch in front of the homes. One man was out in his ditch with a hand sickle getting his part of the ditch cleared. And then there was one house that had a goat tethered up to a tree so he could munch his way through the overgrowth. He didn't seem to be concerned at the job ahead of him, probably happy that he had it all to himself.

I tried to take a photo of the goat with my phone. That is when he decided to scurry back through to his backyard courtyard and I was only able to get a partial photo of him.
As I walked away, he then came trotting at me as if to chase me away. Silly goat.

Camera shy goat

photo credit: ranamaley,personal photo


  1. what an adventure. just one right after the other. I really like hearing about this. Take more photos. I want to see the town and roadway going there. do an article on walking to town and going to the store. Great experiences you are having.

    1. I only had my phone with me on this trip so I was barely able to snap a photo of the goat. Now that the weather is nicer, I plan to walk more and take a camera for more photos.


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